Jessica Huh



My mother, a Brazilian immigrant came to this country as a single mom with two children. In 1984 she left Goiania, Brazil with my brother 3, and pregnant with me to the United States to create a better life of opportunity for herself and children. At the young age of 24, she was a single mom leaving the life she once knew behind in search of a new life in a country full of greater opportunities. On March 7th, 1985 after only living in the United States for less than a year she gave birth to me. She right away struggled with overcoming many barriers that came with such a huge change… finding a job, learning a new language, and supporting two small children. After several years, she was determined to set an example of hard work and perseverance to her children. She worked hard to provide everything that she could through incredible work ethic and was able to start a business of her own and provide much more than we ever needed.

My mother’s strong will and determination continued to leave an impact throughout my childhood and adult life. Although athletics did not always come naturally for me growing up, in the 5th grade I did take up cheerleading. Cheerleading served as a means to build my confidence and the experience to perform in front of large crowds. I continued to cheer through middle school and eventually for my high schools team.

All the while, my future husband and I attended the same elementary and middle schools and shared many of the same classes but had no idea what the future would hold for the two of us. We went on to different high schools in Sarasota and carried on our separate journey. I graduated in 2003, from Riverview High School and soon after continued my education at Manatee Technical Institute and graduate in 2004 as a certified Dental Assistant. As I began my career as a dental assistant I knew that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and that there was still a burning fire inside of me waiting to be lit. As I continued in my career as a dental assistant and later as a dental manager I met ad entered a serious relationship with my daughters father in 2006 ad in 2007 we had our daughter, Milaan. I decided not to return to work right away and to stay home to raise her while she was little. I wanted to capture every moment and soak in all the wonderful memories that motherhood would bring.

My mother’s influence would play yet another role in my life one afternoon when she invited me to join her at the gym. Knowing that I had never lifted a single weight in my life she was persistent in getting me there. I was always very thin, and returning to my pre-pregnancy weight had not been an issue. However, I was always very reluctant to lift weights because of the common fear of becoming too, “bulky,” but my mom insisted that I give it a try. To my surprise, I was instantly hooked! I saw my bod transform in just a few short months. I felt physically and mentally better than ever before. For the first time, I found something that came naturally and that I was passionate about. I could feel the fire burning with excitement inside of me. My new passion was impacting my life in such a positive way that I wanted to eat healthier and spread the word to everyone. I began reading everything I could about what I should be eating and doing in the gym.

I soon felt that I needed professional guidance that could offer more knowledge and the ability to guide me to the next level. I hired a trainer at the gym I attended and brought him the newest issue of Oxygen Magazine and told him I wanted to look like the cover model. I went through a few trainers till I found a trainer that had that had knowledge of training and nutrition that complemented the style of training that I had already adopted. He suggested competing, which I had heard of but was still very foreign to me. After he educated me a little on what it would entail, I thought it would be perfect way to take my training to the next level and a goal to work towards. I picked a show and began researching all the details that would go into getting on stage. My trainer was a former bodybuilder of the 80’s and had little experience in figure competitions. He imposed his bodybuilding style of training on me and knowing very little I used a trial and error approach to preparing for my first show. In 2008, I entered my first show in Lakeland, Florida at the Lakeland Classic in the figure tall class division. Although I took second place I was instantly in love with the sport and knew that I would not stop until I turned pro. I was more driven than ever.

I began learning how to juggle motherhood and my new lifestyle. I loved that I was able to set an example for my daughter of determination, hard work, and discipline. I incorporated my healthy lifestyle into raising my daughter and cooking for my family. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with anyone I met and wanted everyone to feel as good as I did. In 2008, I entered two more shows within a few months of each other and in 2008 I qualified for Nationals at the Southeastern USA’s where I took second.

After qualifying for Nationals in 2008 my life took an unexpected turn with the ending of the relationship with my daughter’s father and I. We decided to go separate ways as our lives began to grow apart. I was now a single-mom to my 2 year old daughter. I was no longer able to be a stay at home mother and was forced to return to dentistry to support both her and I. The new adjustment left competing on the back burner for a short time. I continued to lifting and maintaining my healthy lifestyle that I had fallen in love with but was struggling with the new challenges that life brought. With the upbringing and her influence as a strong single-mother, I knew I could juggle it all. I wanted to set the same example for my daughter that hard work pays off just as my mom had did for me and my siblings.

In 2009, Jason and I crossed paths once again through our unrealized passion for lifting and healthy lifestyles. I had heard of his new nutrition store and decided to pay him a visit only to learn that he too had been competing and helping others prepare for shows. After meeting a few times and training together he encouraged me to get back on stage. He had an abundance of knowledge and experience working with female competitors and offered a strategic approach to my prep. He and I were instantly drawn together by our mutual determination. We found that we shared many common beliefs and family values. He inspired me to get back on track with my dream to turn pro and we began preparing for 2009 Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

During the course of this contest prep I experienced some of the most trying times of my life both mentally and physically. I was pushing my physique to a new level while maintain my number one priority of being a mother, juggling a full-time job, and school. As show day came, I felt I had conquered the world no matter what place I would take. Having my daughter and family visualizing the hard work made it all worth it. I ended up taking 4th place at my first national showing. My placing made me hungrier and confident that at this point I could do anything I set my mind to. As I worked on improving and making changes to my diet and training, in 2010 many more exciting changes unfolded. Jason and I became engaged and he went on to earn his pro title at the USA’s in Las Vegas. In 2010, I also competed once again at Nationals and took 3rd, as I improved my lacing I felt it was only a matter of time before I would turn Pro. I continued to implement different approaches to both my diet and training styles, until I was able to fully understand my body. My main focus always family, I was able to commit to 1 show a year By 2011, Jason and I were able to pin point the exact look I needed to turn pro, we went to the USA’s in July to win. I earned my pro title at the USA’s just one year after Jason earned his pro status at the same show. A few months later on 11/11/11 we were married in Costa Rica.

I have since had my second daughter in 2012 and finished school to earn both my personal training certification and Bachelor degree in Health Administration with a concentration in Nutrition. In 2014, I graduated with honors from the State College of Florida. I plan to further my education, by pursing a master degree beginning in 2015. With my newly acquired education combined with over 7 years of first-hand experience Jason and I have been able to help a number of athletes achieve their fitness goals. I have found that sharing my experiences and spreading my passion for health has been just as rewarding as stepping on stage.

As a result of extensive studying ad research on the way the body adapts to different foods and training styles I have dedicated my life to mastering the human body. Juggling motherhood, school and work while competing has given me the expertise to understand what it takes to be a top athlete while maintaining a realistic schedule. Utilizing an efficient approach to training, I help my athletes achieve the physique they desire while meeting the ever changing demands of life.

Please let me help you reach your goals!