Jason Huh



My mother, Katherine Ann Best, Ph.D. now a social behavioral scientist and psychotherapist, was a professional ballerina in New York when she was invited to train and teach upcoming ballerinas for South Korea.  This enabled her to coach and place young ballerinas throughout Europe in major international ballet companies. Four years later, while working as a liaison for the 1988 Olympic Games she met and trained my father, Won Huh, a professional bodybuilder with many titles including Mr. Korea, Mr. Seoul, and more.  I was born weighing in at 10lbs, August 25th 1984 in Seoul, South Korea.  Three months later my mother and father moved us to the United States and we settled in Sarasota, Florida on Thanks Giving Day.  Interestingly, Sarasota holds Michelangelo’s David as the city’s symbol of dedication to art.

My exposure to art and the discipline of multiple art forms not only preceded my birth but also was my daily diet so to speak. Throughout my childhood I was always surrounded by all the muscle magazines, trophies, and the beautiful physique of my father. My father’s strength  and size fascinated me as a kid. That coupled with watching my mother’s continued work as she taught ballet, training dancers to reshape their bodies into a sculptured piece of art that moved with the classical music planted a seed for music deep within my mind.

As a child I was always the bigger thicker kid on the block.  Growing up, I spend most of my time building forts and fishing with my father and grandfather.  My grandfather was my hero, he was a World War II deep sea salvage diver and a golden glove prize winner fighter.  He always told stories of the war, fights and women that I would never forget.  At around 9 my mother saw my artistic abilities and enrolled me into art classes.  At the age of ten I began studying martial arts and soccer. I quickly excelled in anything I did.  I am extremely competitive and second place was the first loser to me.

At the age of 12, I began studying the violin and classical/Spanish guitar.  The seed that had been planted years before listening to classical music over and over as my mother choreographed was know blooming and in fact ignited overnight I was the 1st chair violinist all through middle school and high school.  In high school, I created a 13 track CD recording of my classical/Spanish guitar music.  Around this time in my uncles pottery studio who is a world renowned Korean Master Potter, watching him form and sculpt the pottery with his hands protecting it like a precious child and then placing it in a fiery oven to harden and reveal the mystery of a beautiful glazed completely sculpted piece of art.  All of these various exposures and opportunities in my childhood prepared me as though seeds were planted in my inner vision and now inform my understanding of the art form of bodybuilding today.  The sacrifice and patience that is needed in the trial and error of protecting the body keeping your body protected and honoring the process while under development before showing the world the sculpted and chiseled results is the way all great art develops, slowly.

That summer before my junior year in high school, I signed up to attend a weight lifting class during summer school.  With a clean diet of oats and egg whites I noticed results overnight, I was hooked!  In high school I had played soccer up until my junior year and then I had to stop as I was too big to play front and center any more.  I began reading every muscle magazine and book I could get a hold of.  Within six months I transformed over night and decided to enter into my first bodybuilding show in the teen division, where  I placed second (which was last place in my mind).  Nevertheless, it gave me the determination to dominate the following year.  Soon after that I then met a man named Jeff Hall, owner of Extreme Nutrition of Sarasota, who became a long time mentor and took me under his wing.  He gave me all the tools to succeed in my dream, but most importantly in that moment to take on the competition of the following year.  One year later I took 1st place and overall in three shows, including the prestigious Teen Nationals Title in Pittsburg.  Although I was determined before, with every competition I won I developed an inner hunger to keep moving up into the bodybuilding world.  Now, more than ever I am determined to be Mr. Olympia someday.

As a teen, I worked as a chef for a restaurant for 4 years until Jeff Hall hired me to work at his nutrition and smoothie shop. In 2006, I competed at Southern States, as a heavy weight where I took 1st and overall.  In 2007, I opened my own store, Elite Nutrition and Smoothie.  It was now time to earn my Pro Card.   After competing on a national level for 2 shows I was contacted by Art Atwood who saw something in me and I thought I had the genetic and mental potential to be great. Art took me under his wing to take on the 2009 USA’s where I went up a weight class and placed 5th.  He envisioned my future as a bodybuilder in what he liked to call a “Super Freak.”  A physique where mass meets beauty and aesthetics.  The following year we came with a plan to pack on enough size to totally dominate the competition, he deemed it operation, “Super Huh.”

That off season was one of the best ever, I learned tons of priceless advise information from Art.  In 2009, I met Jessica as she prepared for the 2009 Nationals  as a figure model to take her pro card. We hit it of from the start. I helped her with her nationals prep and we fell in love.  In 2010, I claimed my Pro Status at the 2010 USA’s where I took 1st in the super heavies weighing in at 256lbs.  In the fall of 2010, I proposed to Jessica.  In 2011, I teamed up with Hany Rambod as my coach in my preparation for my pro Debut.  I took a disappointing 8th place at the NY Pro and 7th at the Tampa Pro.

Maintaining balance in my life, I married the love of my life on the rim of the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica on 11/11/11.  A week later we had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony back in the States with the rest of my family.  Now as an IFBB Pro, business and family man my goal remains to one day be one of the best bodybuilders the world has ever seen and to maybe someday carry the responsibility of being Mr. Olympia.  I am committed to challenging the status quo as have many great artists before me visualizing and listening intuitively to my body.  The goal: A physique where mass meets beauty and aesthetics.