Bikini / Figure Training


is about not only achieving a desirable physique and creating an image.  We
pay close attention to detail and help you build the COMPLETE package.
We know that every detail counts and being a top female competitor involves much more than just diet and training.



Including but not limited to:

  • Year-Round Comprehensive Custom Monthly updated Training Programs Improvement-season (off-season) guidance to maintaining within a health range of stage weight
  • Comprehensive Custom monthly updated Nutrition Plans
  • Steps to registering for show and how to pick the “right” show for you
  • Bikini/Figure bikini Suit and Shoe Selection
  • Make-up, hair tips and tanning recommendations
  • Figure and Bikini posing and presentation coaching
  • Weekly weigh in’s photo and body composition assessments
  • Correspondence via email or phone as needed


$89 / MONTH*

 $1000 / YEAR**

Monthly Subscription
*additional Initial membership fee

Single Payment
**initial fee waived


Our emergency show prep support is intended for competitors who may be experiencing difficulty and or second-guessing their current plan.  In the final weeks of  contest prep it is critical one understands how  diet, sodium and water should be manipulated . We provide an individualized plan and support during these final days.
Please inquire for details and pricing



*All  bikini and figure clients are subject to a $300.00  initial membership application fee due to the extra time needed for introductory comprehensive assessment and time given to those new to the team.