I have one of those typical male physical challenges called…love handles. At a height of 6’ 1” it’s not too evident, especially when I’m standing.

I’ve been consistently going to the gym since I was 18, and though my weight would fluctuate down a bit, I could never seem to get rid of those handles.

After seeing my wife (Magdalena de Poel-Picardi) hone her already athletic physique with her coach Jason Huh for her first Figure competition, I decided I needed to step up my own game.

After over 20 years of standard gym practices, I put my body in the hands of my wife and Jason Huh of Team Elite.

With targeted diet and training uniquely created for me and my body goals, after a period of 10 months, I lost a total of 60 pounds. The journey did not stop there though!

Because of my problem area, of course the weight loss around my middle was the last to go. This meant that while I was targeting that last little stubborn bit, the rest of me looked really really lean.

One of the new challenges I had to deal with during this lean period was well intentioned friends and family that saw the weight loss as extreme and so gave a lot of negative/concerned feedback.

The positive support of my wife and Jason helped me stay on track, as they once again changed my diet and training to start to slowly and healthily build back up my muscles without the mass going back to my middle.

Now, 3 years later and my body is still a lean physique with a daily maintenance routine, diet and lifestyle.

My body type won’t change and my middle will always be the first place that any additional weight I put on can be seen, but I now have the tools and knowledge to target that troublesome area.

Joseph A. Picardi

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