After beginning my career in Neurosomatic Therapy and having experience from powerlifting and bodybuilding I began seeing the need for effective bodywork in the industry. I began seeing similarities in many of my patients, lifters and competitors. These problems varied from injuries, to lifting patterns and most importantly the structural issues that many of us deal with daily.

Two of the most common questions we hear at SPTC is “Why didn’t my doctor figure this out?” and “Why has no one else told me this before?” The answer is not that your doctor or physician is withholding information from you but more so that they look at the physiology, how it works, of the body whereas we look more into the anatomy, like muscles tendons, and ligaments. Through a full postural analysis taken at the beginning of every session we can better understand what muscles are involved in your specific pain pattern. This can also help us understand why you may favor one side of your body more during exercise, why your shoulders may never level out during pressing movements, why you have reoccurring knee pain after squats or lunges, and even why certain muscles may plateau and stop growing.

By addressing the muscles causing these dysfunctions many issues like knee pain, herniation’s, sciatica, frozen shoulder, hip pain, migraine headaches, and many more can be alleviated without surgery or expensive medical treatments. SPTC prides itself on Non-surgical, Non-Invasive, and Non-Chiropractic manual therapy that treats the source of the issue instead of covering the problem up with medications. We see many issues such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and even breathing difficulties that can improve in as little as one treatment, with most patients getting full relief in 6-8 treatments. The single most important fact I emphasize to my patients and lifters specifically is. YOU MUST RECEIVE REGULAR MAINTENANCE WORK! You demand so much from your body that you must maintain the integrity and health of not just the muscle tissue but tendons, ligaments, and organs as well. Those of you suffering from diseases like Crohn’s, IBS, constipation, acid reflux, Asthma and even Stroke victims can see great improvement with Neurosomatic therapy. NST helps reduce symptoms and can even restore normal function to many organs within the body by reducing neurological activity, restoring proper biomechanics and treating the body as a whole.

For more information on how Neurosomatic Therapy could help your chronic pain please visit us at or by calling 941-735-0205. I encourage any new or soon to be new patient to take a look at our symptoms tabs on our web page and take a look at our Blog page at

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