Hello to My Beginner Bikini/Figure Competitor!

I welcome you to the industry where you wake up at 5am to do morning cardio, weight train every evening, watch everyone eat McDonalds whilst munching in the corner with your tupperware, and strut across a stage in a jeweled bikini, spray painted orange. It sounds absolutely crazy but trust me when I say it's incredibly fun and invigorating. During this adventure you will not only get in the best shape of your life, you will also learn so much about your body and the limits you can push yourself mentally. And without further adieu, ladies and ladies..... Competition season has started and let the prep begin! Now if you’re new to the game it can be really overwhelming. Like I said, there’s a lot more to it than just eating chicken and green beans every day and the costs add up quick. Sooo if you are a new female bikini or figure competitor here are a few things I think are essentials for you to consider calculate into your budget as you begin dieting, training and picking a show. This sport is not for the faint of heart or for what it seems-the's gets expensive. 


Unless you are going solo and doing it on your own you will need some guidance

*Highly recommend Jess for dieting and training advice (obv.. she got my fatass into shape)

Contact email:

2. Show cost

This will be you show admission fee and NPC card 

3. Competition suit (base, connectors, stones)  (<- This is where I got mine)

Other popular sites:

4. Jewelry

*I would suggest going to little shops like Claire's and Icing first to see if they have anything (might be cheaper)

When you compete you need some big, sparkly and flashy jewelry. I suggest at least getting earrings, 2 bracelets, and 1 ring but on the other spectrum don't get too crazy or people will start throwing one's.

5. Shoes 

*If it's your first show I would HIGHLY recommend 5 or less inches, NO platform, and an ankle strap.

6. Robe

*Most girls get a black silk Victoria Secret robe but I went a little against the grain and got a blue one. Silk is ideal so it doesn't mess up your tan.

*Can get silk robes from H&M and Forever21, def does not need to be from Victoria Secret. Don't mind me goofy ass picture but wanted to show you my blue robe :)

7. Tanning (day of show, exfoilator, etc.)

About a week before the show you need to start exfoliating your skin so your tan can look its best on show day so make sure to get a body exfoliator (I imagine any scrub or exfoliating cloth would work).  The spray tan usually costs about $100 and there will most likely be a host company(ies) there doing all the spray tanning at the actual venue/hotel. It will include the coats you get the night before and the coat the morning of prejudging. There will be variation in cost depending on the company and if you are doing a show that is two days or just one. There are also products you can purchase to remove the tan after the show! (Don't have to be a patchy leopard mess after a show!). I got my exfoliator and remover from liquid sunrayz.

**Your tan is VERY important! It sounds silly but it can make or break how you look that day. You definitely don't want anything taking away from your body's appearance and all your hard work.

8. Nails and Toes

It's common to find an acrylic french manicure is tacked on to everyone's nails but I personally don't like the damage they do. They also get super narley from the spray tan so I just paint mine myself and glue on a few stones for added sparkle. As long as it doesn't look sloppy it doesn't require a professional mani/pedi.

9. Hair and Makeup

If you are planning to do it on your own like I did it will save you lots of money. However, if you are not good at makeup or hair then I would suggest you get it done simply because you face and hair is your money maker. Unfortunately as a female competitor, there is more to competing than just your is about your stage presence, hair flip and that smile girl! You have to whip out your entire arsenal because whether you know it or not, NPC shows are simply a beauty competition. 

****Keep in mind I will be putting up some makeup looks for a few looks I've seen the top girls in the biz rockin'. I will be (to the best of my ability) recreating some looks I've seen on Ashley Kaltwasser AKA "Ms. O" and Amanda Latona. Stay tuned!

10. Miscellaneous

And of course the random sh*t that goes along with all your prep and show day.... of course they are optional. 

                 - Beauty Bum (glues your suit to your skin so it doesn't ride up unpleasant places)

                 - Glaze (makes you shiny on show day but they might have some at the's basically glorified cooking spray)

                 - Waist trimmer (corset from hell that shapes your mid-section)

                 - Cute workout clothes (you can bang out an intense glute sesh when you look and feel good)

                 - And probably a ton of other things I just can't think of right now...

I hope you guys have a wonderful competition season! Hope you saved your pennies! (AKA Christmas money, graduation money, birthday money and life savings) hahaha jkjk!!

Love you all!


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