Written by Stephanie Buttermore
Published: Tuesday, 26 May 2015 02:21

Everyone wants bigger glutes… period. It sounds silly and vain but it hass the same esthetic appeal as flat abs or big breasts. So in the realm of fitness, working out can’t get you bigger boobs (does the opposite actually)  BUT it can give you a bigger BUTT! People spends thousands of dollars on butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift when all you have to do is hit the gym. If you work out regularly, then why not work out to maximize a feature that gives you shape, makes you look better in clothes and gives you confidence. Nothing silly about it. It took me about a solid year of training glutes 3 times a week and proper diet to get a little junk in the trunk. Before that I always worked out but glutes were not an isolated focus like it is now.

These are my fav…I usually do 4 sets of 10-12 reps 

Wide leg squats

The OG is glute exercises...squats. Wide leg stance targets the booty. Most important thing to note is good form and using the proper amount of weight. Too light won't get you the maximum results but going too heavy can hurt you. Don't get too crazy.

Butt Thrusts (with leg extension machine)

This one is awkward at first but once you get past that it's amazing for the butt. 


Good Mornings

Defintely dont use too much weight for this one and keep your back straight. Bend down enough to target your upper glute and then come back up. Make sure to keep knees slightly bent and stance is narrow.

Adductor machine

Pretty self explanatory but I go super heavy with this one and bend over to really isolate the glute. Good stuff :)

Happy Training!


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