So it has finally been a long enough time for me to give a thorough opinion of intermittent fasting (IF). I started this diet around the first of November so it has been roughly 8 weeks. I was very obedient and did not stray from the diet (yes, even through the holidays) or have any days that I ate outside my “window” of eating. My two cents…

The good…

  1. For starters, I definitely gained weight. If you lift weight and do minimal cardio (i.e. my lazy ass) then you might notice an increase in weight as I did which didn’t really happen before, my weight was very consistent. HOWEVER, I don’t think I put on body fat and can honestly say that I’ve definitely put on muscle on my lower body. My glutes are fuller and my hams/quads are bigger so if you are looking for a leaner and more petite physique, this way of eating/ training may not be for you. The weight on the scale really doesn’t bother me, I am more focused on how I look and feel so if I were to speculate….I would say, Lean Gains? YES!  
  2. I saved money on groceries :p SOOO it is no secret that as a PhD student, they don’t pay us much lol …. and as I have mentioned before I have a CRAZY appetite. I was honestly eating beyond my budget, so I was desperate to find a resolution to my insatiable hunger. With IF, I was still eating a lot of food in a smaller window but just not the ridiculous amount I was eating before. So I was eating large meals less frequently and feeling more satisfied.
  3. I felt less hungry upon waking. I have to admit that I was still hungry when I woke up but it was much more manageable than before. It got better over the 8 weeks and I felt like I finally took control over my hunger (that bitch) lol 

The bad…

  1. Eating within an 8 hour time frame was challenging. As I would approach my first meal, I would start to count down the seconds. This may diminish the longer I continue this diet but I still have a beast of an appetite for such a small human ;)
  2. Unleashing the beast…Soooo once I broke my fast, something that was difficult to control was to STOP eating! I would start eating and feel like I could eat forever. I still allowed a large meal and then I would cut myself off knowing it was enough….but I probably could have kept eating.


Lean gains

Saved money

Appetite control (during my fast)

Short window to shove food in your mouth

Breaking my fast would unleash a feeding frenzy

As with any diet, this isn’t for everyone and everyone will have a unique experience. I actually have really been enjoying it and been happy with my #GAINZ I have decided to continue eating this way until the end of “bulking season” and see how my muscle development comes along. Hope this helps anyone thinking about trying out IF.

Happy dieting, training and cheers to the New Year!


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