Hello ladies!

I'm Stephanie Buttermore and I am here to help you with all things beauty, fitness, and fashion related. I am a Biomedical Sciences PhD student that has an obsession with makeup, hair and working out… oh and shopping of course. I spend many hours a day in a lab or reading about sciencey things and beauty is my hobby! (so I don't go insane) It is the only way I can settle my brain and stop thinking of RNA sequences and mutated proteins. I do cancer research in case you're wondering :)

I’m also a bikini competitor so I do have quite a bit of knowledge on that forefront as well. So basically I'm just hoping to offer a variety of information for whoever wants it. Simple enough.

Please take note that I believe being a women is not just about looks and having a flat tummy, it's about feeling good about yourself and loving who you are. Never forget that.

With all my love,

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